Trigger your Customer Satisfaction Survey with Rules

To enable Customer Satisfaction Survey for your email conversations, we need Rules. To set up rules, will need to:

Let's start with the basic rule settings.

Configure the basic rule settings.

Set up conditions

Now that we've set up the basic rule settings, let's define when your survey should be triggered.

To get you faster up and running with your Customer Satisfaction Survey, we added a default condition for your CSAT Rule: 

In this case, your Customer Satisfaction Survey will be sent out 5 hours after the conversation has been closed. Note that you can edit and customize the condition to your liking. 

For example:

  • Exclude certain customers from receiving a Customer Satisfaction Survey 
  • Send Customer Satisfaction Surveys per country or language 
  • Manually select which customers should receive a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Here are some CSAT Rule templates to help you get started.

Set up actions

We're almost there. Actions define which survey to trigger once your predefined conditions are met. 

Select 'Trigger CSAT' from the dropdown menu and then select which Customer Satisfaction survey you want to be sent out.

Last step: Click on 'Save changes! Congratulations 🎉 Your Customer Satisfaction Survey is up and running.

You can either go back to your survey or add more rules.