As an admin in Trengo, you can now see the usage overview of your account. It is important to remember that the usage in Trengo resets every billing cycle.

You can navigate through Settings > Account > Your Usage to access this page. Alternatively, if you’re an admin, you can also click here.

Important information before using the page:

  • The billing cycle depends on your account type. If you have a monthly account, you will see monthly data based on the date you subscribed. For yearly customers, you will see your data for the entire year.
  • You can also view the overview from previous cycles if you wish to do so.
  • The future cycle is available to access, but it will only show the pending conversations carried over to the next month as the 7-day window has not been completed.
  • Users in the free trial will not have access to this page.

Standard Conversations

This bar displays how many standard conversations have been used and how many are left according to your account. There is also a percentage indicator to check if your usage is higher than your commitment; this will be shown as a percentage (%).

Carrier Cost Balance

When you use third-party sub-features in Trengo, such as Voice, WhatsApp, broadcast, and many more, there will be a carrier cost surcharge. This will now be shown under ‘Balance Spent’. The more you use a third-party sub-feature, the more you will see an increasing spend on the ‘Balance Spent’ progress bar.

It is important to keep track of your usage to ensure that you do not experience any disruptions due to low credit/balance in your Trengo account. Underneath the progress bar, you will also see the amount used as a percentage (%).