You can collaborate with a colleague about a specific conversation by tagging them in the internal comments. These messages are only visible to you and your team.

Tagging in Trengo

Below every conversation, next to the 'Reply' tab, you’ll find the 'Comment' tab. Here you can leave notes for yourself or tag a colleague in the form of a 'mention'. Follow the steps below to find out how to mention another user, and what to do when a colleague mentions you.

Mention a colleague

1. Navigate to the ‘Comment’ tab beneath the conversation where you'd like to tag a colleague;

2. Type the ‘@’ symbol, directly followed by the user's name in Trengo. Click your colleague's account when it pops up, and type your message;

3. After typing your message, click the ‘Add Comment’ button to place the internal comment;

4. Your internal comment will now show up below the conversation, and your colleague will be notified of the mention;

Being mentioned by a colleague

Follow the steps below to find out what to do when a colleague mentions you.

1. When you get mentioned in an internal comment, the conversation where you got tagged will show up in your 'Mentioned' folder;

2. Navigate to the ticket, where you can read the internal comment and take action. After you're done, click the 'checkmark' icon in the internal comment, to 'solve' the mention, and it will remove itself from your personal 'Mentioned' folder;

You and your colleagues can now communicate efficiently through tickets and keep each other up to date or resolve ticket-related questions.