Within Trengo, you can set up specific business hours for your channels and teams. This way you make sure your customers know when they can reach you and you always have a team ready to answer their questions.

Setting up business hours

To set up your business hours, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to Settings > Company profile > Business hours;

2. Click the 'plus' icon to add new business hours, or click your already set up business hours, to edit them;

1. Name: Give the business hours a recognizable name.

2. Timezone: Select the timezone for your business hours.

3. Channels: Add the channels the business hours relate to.

1. Description: Add a clear description of the business hours.

2. Business hours: Here you'll set up your business hours. Click the toggle to open or close your business for this set of business hours and adjust the times.

1. Save changes: Click this button to save your business hours.

2. Delete Business Hours: If you'd like to delete your business hours, you can do so by clicking this button.