With Trengo, it’s possible to redirect incoming calls directly to your mobile phone. In this article, we’ll show you how to set this up.

Redirect calls to your mobile phone

Follow the steps below to redirect incoming calls in Trengo to your mobile phone.

1. Navigate to your profile picture in the left bottom corner and click ‘Edit your profile’;

2. Add your mobile phone number to your profile and click ‘Save profile’;

3. Click the ‘Phone’ icon in the left bottom corner and select the ‘gear’ icon;

4. Click ‘Receive calls in your browser’ to change its status;

5. Incoming calls will now be redirected to your mobile phone. When a call is received, press ‘1’ on your mobile phone to accept the call.

ℹ️ As the call is forwarded this means that the caller ID will be the number of your organization.