Would you like to be notified when a new ticket has come in, when a ticket gets assigned, or for example when a specific amount of time has passed since your last response? That’s all possible with the notification settings in Trengo. In this article, we’ll take you past all the different options to receive certain notifications.

In case you use Trengo in your web browser, it’s important that you have your notifications enabled for that particular web browser. In this Trengo Help Center article, you can read how you do that.

Personal notification settings

If you’d like to edit the notification settings for your personal Trengo account, follow the steps below.

1. Head to your profile picture in the left bottom corner and click ‘Edit your profile’;

2. Navigate to ‘Preferences’;

3. Enable or disable Trengo’s notifications. If you’d like to snooze your notifications between a certain time, set ‘Notifications’ to ‘Enabled’, select ‘Automatically disable notifications’ and fill in the time in which you don’t like to be notified.

Don’t forget to press ‘Save’.

Channel notification settings

You can choose to only receive notifications from certain channels. Below, you'll find how to do this.

1. Navigate to your Trengo inbox > Channels and click the three dots.

2. Enable or disable notifications per channel, by clicking the ‘bell’ icon behind the channel names.

Now you only receive notifications for the channels you've enabled.

Channel notifications per email

Do you never want to miss a conversation? In that case, it would be wise to add your email address to the ‘Notification email’ in your preferred channel. A notification email will be sent every time a new conversation is created in that channel.

1. Head to ‘Settings’ and open your preferred channel;

2. Navigate to the general settings of that channel, and fill in your email address at ‘Notification email’. You can enter multiple email addresses by dividing these email addresses by a comma;

ℹ️ Receiving a notification email is not possible for an ‘Email’ or ‘Voice’ channel.

Do not forget to click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.

Assignment notifications per email

A notification email can be sent out to a user when they get assigned to a ticket, so they’ll never miss the opportunity to answer a customer as quickly and efficiently as possible. Below, you'll find how to set this up.

1. Head to Settings > Company profile > Account settings;

2. Set ‘Assignment email notifications’ to ‘Yes’, and click ‘Save’;

Now all your users will receive a notification via email whenever they get assigned to a conversation.

Custom notifications

If you’d like to receive custom notifications, for example when a certain amount of time has passed since your last response, you can do this using rules. For more information on the use of rules, feel free to follow this link.

ℹ️ Notifications sent to you when you’re logged out of Trengo will be saved, and you'll see new events in the left bottom corner when you log back in.