Trengo is an official Whatsapp Business Solution Partner (BSP). This means that you can integrate WhatsApp directly via Trengo, and migrate your WhatsApp Business API number from your current BSP to Trengo as your BSP. After migrating to Trengo as BSP, you get access to features with which you can enhance your templates, such as buttons, headers and footers.

In this article, we’ll cover how to migrate a WhatsApp phone number to Trengo as WhatsApp BSP.

You can also check out the migration step-by-step video through the link here.


Before you get started, it is important to make sure that the following things are taken care of.

🔘 You need to do the migration from the web browser and not from Trengo desktop app

🔘 Your number with the other BSP is already set up in Trengo, in the form of a WhatsApp channel. Don’t worry, when migrating, you’ll keep all the conversation history, automation, and other features connected to the channel.

🔘 Your Facebook Business Account needs to be verified.

🔘 You have admin access to the Facebook Business Account of your business. This should be the account that created the Facebook Business Account in the first place.

🔘 Your WhatsApp's Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) needs to be turned off in Facebook Business Manager for the number you’d like to migrate. If you're on third party providers, you may need to reach out to them to do this for you.

🔘 You need to have access to the phone number you’d like to migrate, in the form of a physical device or the platform for the virtual number.

🔘 There can not be any IVR or other greetings enabled for the phone number you are registering. Otherwise, the verification call might not come through.

Migrating your number

To migrate your number to Trengo as BSP, follow the steps below.

1. Open your Trengo account, navigate to Settings > Channels > WhatsApp Business, and click the channel with the number you’d like to migrate;

2. Click ‘Migrate number’ to start the migration process;

3. A pop-up will show up, asking you to turn off your 2FA, and disable your IVR or any automatic greetings. Check the box and click 'Continue';


  • 360Dialogue user - please reach out to 360Dialogue to turn off your 2FA upon proceeding.

4. Read the instructions and click the ‘Continue with Facebook’ button;

5. A Facebook window will appear, where you can log in using your credentials. Do remember this has to be an account that has Admin rights to the page. Even better is logging in with the account that originally created the Facebook Business Page;

6. Follow the instructions on the Facebook window until you get to “Step 1 of 3: Create or select your Meta business account”. Select the Facebook Business Account to which your logged-in account has access and click ‘Continue’;

ℹ️ If you do not see the account, check within your company who originally created the Facebook Business account and log in using their personal account.

7. If you have already created an account that is shared with Trengo, you’ll see it listed and you can select the existing account. If not, you can create one;

7.1 Fill out your WhatsApp Business Name. This name must match your business name, including capitalized letters. If you have a different business name, select ‘My display name is different from my legal business name’. Click ‘Continue’.

Now, select the category your business is in, write a business description, and click ‘Continue to step 3’;

8. When you get to “Step 3 of 3: Verify your WhatsApp Business number”, you must close the window and continue on Trengo’s interface, to proceed with the migration;

9. Select the account you want your phone number to be linked to from the dropdown and click ‘Select’;

ℹ️ In case you do not see this window, make sure you’re using the latest version of Google Chrome. You can also try to refresh the page and initiate the flow again, where no progress should be lost.

ℹ️ If your WhatsApp account is not available in the dropdown, click ‘I can’t see my WhatsApp account’ for further instructions.

ℹ️ When Meta can’t find your WhatsApp token, the ‘Something went wrong’ window will be shown. Follow the instructions provided to complete the migration.

10. In order to verify the number, we will send you a 6-digit pin code. Select if you want to receive it via SMS or a phone call. If you don’t have a physical device, a voice call is better suited. Make sure you disabled any IVR or special greetings in case of using a voice call;

11. Verify your phone number by filling out the code you just received;

12. After providing the code, your account will be registered with Trengo as your Business Solution Provider, and your channel will be updated and work straight away.

Migration F.A.Q.

It is important to be aware of the information below, when migrating your WhatsApp number to Trengo as BSP.

Will templates be saved when migrating?
When migrating from 360dialog or Twilio, your existing WhatsApp templates will be stored and can be used directly after migrating. This is not the case when you migrate from KeyReply to WhatsApp as BSP, due to the setup of your WhatsApp account with Keyreply. Therefore, we recommend saving all your currently used templates in a separate document for easy access later on. Once your number has been successfully migrated, you can add the templates to your WhatsApp channel again, using the steps provided in this article.

Now that you are using Trengo as your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, several unlocked features can enhance your templates, such as buttons, headers, and footers.

On which phone number will I get the SMS / Voice call with the verification code?

You will always get the call or SMS on the phone number you have registered with Meta and that you are migrating at the moment. It’s not possible to request the code to be sent to a different phone number.

When migrating, I see a message saying my phone number belongs to a different business account but I don’t remember which account?

The best plan of action here is checking if the login details can be found somewhere. In case that is not possible, contact us and we will open a request with Meta for an exception that might require further information and proof of ownership of the phone number.

My account is an Official Business Account (OBA). Will I keep my green tick status?

Yes, your account will retain its quality ratings and OBA status.

Will I lose my conversation history if I migrate?

If you are migrating a channel that already exists in Trengo, your conversations will not be lost. However, if you are migrating a phone number that is not currently connected to our Trengo application, you won’t be able to import the conversation history. This is defined in the WhatsApp Business guidelines.

Is there a downtime? If yes, how long?

Your WhatsApp phone number will not go through any downtime.