From time to time, you’ll find emails in your inbox that you rather not receive. You can mark these as spam in your Trengo inbox.

Important to know is that when you mark a conversation as spam, the sender of this email gets blacklisted from your inbox. This means every email you receive, derived from that sender, will be automatically sent to your spam folder.

Mark a conversation as spam

Follow the steps below to mark a ticket as spam in Trengo.

1. Open the conversation and head to the three dots. There you click ‘Mark as spam’.

2. The ticket will now be placed in the spam folder and will be automatically deleted after 14 days. Note that deleted tickets can not be retrieved.

ℹ️ You can always unmark a ticket as spam, by going to the spam folder and opening the conversation. There you click the three dots again and select the option ‘Unmark as spam’.