The Live Dashboard is your dynamic command centre within Trengo, offering real-time insights into your current workload and agent performance. Use it to stay on top of your customer support operations, identify trends, and make informed decisions. For more details on each metric and how to use them effectively, explore the respective deep dive pages linked within the dashboard.

Key Metrics

1. New Tickets

“New Tickets” are tickets in your account that are currently Open and unassigned. Click on "New Tickets" to dive deep into Ticket insights.

2. Assigned Tickets

"Assigned Tickets" are all the tickets in your account that are Open and currently assigned to an Agent. It's important to note that tickets assigned to Flowbots or Chatbots are also counted as assigned tickets. You can click on "Assigned Tickets" to explore detailed ticket insights.

3. Resolution Time

"Resolution Time" provides you with the average total resolution time for the last four weeks. This average helps you understand how long a ticket typically remains in the "Open" status. Use this metric to gauge how long your customers are waiting for a resolution.

4. First Response Time

"First Response Time" focuses on the average time it takes your Agents to reply to customers. It is calculated from the moment the ticket becomes available for Agents to the first public reply. This metric excludes Chat or Flowbot responses.

5. Conversations Created by Hour

"Conversations Created by Hour" displays the average number of tickets created per hour for the current day (e.g., Monday on Mondays) over the last four weeks. This offers insight into the workload you can expect throughout the day. The green line represents today's actual ticket creation, helping you identify workload outliers.

6. Online Status

"Online Status" monitors how many of your Agents are currently signed into Trengo and available. We display the status of eight random Agents. You can toggle their phone and chat availability using the icon buttons. Click "View All Agents" to navigate to the "Online Status" page for a more comprehensive view.

Filters for Custom Insights

The Live Dashboard also provides you with the flexibility to apply filters for customised insights:


Filter tickets based on specific teams, allowing you to gain team-specific insights into their current workload and allocate tasks more effectively.


Isolate tickets associated with a particular channel in order to review reviewing individual channel workloads.


View tickets with applied labels, which can be used to gain custom insights into specific labels like "Priority." This filter is perfect for managing and prioritizing specific types of tickets.

Business Hours

This filter allows you to toggle the "Resolution Time" and "First Response Time" metrics to include or exclude business hours. Including business hours means the count stops at the end of a business hour and resumes when business hours start again. Excluding business hours looks at a 24/7 timeframe, giving you a broader perspective.

Please note that you set your company’s business hours in Trengo.