Zapier allows you to connect Trengo with more than 1500 products without having to use code. By connecting your Trengo-inbox to Zapier you'll be able to automate repetitive tasks and build smart workflows with Zaps. With these Zaps, you can automatically trigger actions when something happens in Trengo, or trigger an action in your Trengo-inbox, based on events that happen in other products.

Integrating Zapier

Follow the steps below to integrate Zapier with your Trengo-inbox.

1. Navigate to Settings > Settings > Apps & Integrations;

2. Select ‘Zapier’ and click ‘Start building’;

3. You’ll be redirected to Zapier. Log in with your Zapier account and click ‘Create Zap’;

4. Select ‘Trengo’ from the list of apps and continue setting up your Zap.


You can choose one of seven triggers to activate your zap.

🔘 New inbound message: Triggers when an inbound message is created.
🔘 New outbound message: Triggers when an outbound message is created.
🔘 Ticket label added: Triggers when a label is added to a conversation.
🔘 New internal note: Triggers when an internal note is created.
🔘 Phone call started: Triggers when a phone call has started.
🔘 Phone call ended: Triggers when a phone call has ended.
🔘 Phone call missed: Triggers when a phone call is missed.


When a Zap gets triggered, there are seven actions that the Zap can take.

🔘 Send a message: Sends a message to a contact.
🔘 Send a team chat message: Send a team chat message.
🔘 Send a WhatsApp Template: Send a WhatsApp Template to a phone number.
🔘 Create a contact: Creates a contact.
🔘 Find a contact: Finds a contact.
🔘 Find or create a contact: Finds or creates a contact.
🔘 Log a voice call: Logs a voice call in a ticket.

For more information on creating a Zap, feel free to follow this link.