With Trengo's Integration Hub, connecting your Wix account to your Trengo Inbox is a breeze. Please ensure you are an Admin in both Trengo and Wix before proceeding.

1. Navigate to Trengo Settings, then select 'Settings', followed by 'Integrations'.

2. Select 'E-commerce', then click the 'Wix' card to open the description interface.

3. Click 'Install Integration' in the top right corner to open the installation modal.

4. Enter your API Key. You can refer to your 'Account settings' in Wix to copy the API key.

5. Shop Domain: The domain for your Wix live store. For example, if your Wix store is at https://1x2206.wix-development-sites.org, then the shop domain is '1x2206.wix-development-sites.org'. Please note that the prefix https:// is already in the field, you don’t need to add it.

6. Site ID: The site ID for a Wix site can be obtained from the site URL. If you access Wix at https://manage.wix.com/dashboard/35bd49bf-1996-4cfe-a78f-e165e02c59bd/home, then the Wix Site ID is '35bd49bf-1996-4cfe-a78f-e165e02c59bd'

7. Enter the Domain URL that is specific to your store in Wix. This is usually a so-called 'Admin URL' or 'Domain URL'.

8. Click 'Install Integration'.

9. Congratulations! You can begin using BigCommerce and Trengo together in your Inbox!