By integrating Booking Experts and Trengo, businesses will be able to have more enriched conversations with guests by including reservation information from Booking Experts directly in Trengo’s platform. This integration will combine your customers' favourite channels, customer profiles, and booking details in one place for fast access.

Connect Booking Experts and Trengo

1. To start using the Trengo app, you need to install it in your Booking Experts organisation. This can be done by going to the App Store in Booking Experts and searching for the Trengo app. After you have found the app, click on the app and press the install button.

2. When you clicked the 'Install' button in the Booking Experts App Store, you will be redirected to the Booking Experts x Trengo integration page. First we need a Trengo App Token. To get this token, you need to create a new app in your Trengo account. Go to your Trengo account and create a new app under: Settings > Integrations > Custom Integrations > Create App.

3. Fill in the details for your Booking Experts

4. The Booking Experts App is in Trengo! You should see your freshly created Booking Experts app in your Trengo account. The app should have the following details:

5. Now that you have created the Booking Experts app in your Trengo account, you can copy the app token and paste it into the Booking Experts x Trengo integration page.

6. To make sure the Booking Experts app can communicate with your Trengo account, you also need to create a Personal Access Token in your Trengo account. This token can be created under: Settings > Integrations > Rest API > Regenerate Token. Make sure to copy the token and save it in a safe place. You will need this token in the next step. Recreating this token will invalidate the previous one and potentially disconnect your apps, so please keep track of it!

7. Take your Personal Access Token from your Trengo account and copy-paste it into the Booking Experts x Trengo integration page.

8. And that's it! You will see this screen once the integration is completed and connected.