With Trengo's Integration Hub, connecting your Magento 2 account to your Trengo Inbox is a breeze. Please ensure you are an Admin in both Trengo and Magento 2 before proceeding.

ℹ️ Please note that if you have 2FA enabled on your Magento Admin’s account, you will not be able to connect. Make sure to disable the 2FA for the Admin’s account that you are going to use for connection with Trengo. We recommend that you create a separate Admin user in your account, with disabled 2FA, and use these separate credentials for connecting your Magento to Trengo.

1. Navigate to Trengo Settings, then select 'Settings', followed by 'Integrations'.

2. Select 'E-commerce', then click the 'Magento 2' card to open the description interface.

3. Click 'Install Integration' in the top right corner to open the installation modal.

4. Add the name of your Magento 2 store.

5. Add your Magento 2’s Store Rest API Domain. Please make sure that you enter the domain without https:// prefix, and without /rest/v1 suffix.

6. Provide your admin credentials (login and password) to establish the connection between Magneto 2 and Trengo.

7. Finally, enter the Domain URL that is specific to your organisation in Magento 2. This is usually a so-called 'Admin URL' or 'Domain URL'. You can use the same link as Store Hash here.

8. Click 'Install Integration'.

9. Congratulations! You can begin using Magento 2 and Trengo together in your Inbox!