With Trengo, it’s possible to import your contacts in bulk, so you do not have to enter them one by one. In this article, we’ll explain to you how to do this.

Import contacts in bulk

Follow the steps below to bulk import contacts in Trengo.

1. Navigate to Contacts > Import contacts;

2. Choose if you’d like to upload a file or paste plain text;

3.1 In case you’d like to upload a file, make sure to upload a CSV file.

3.2 If you prefer to paste plain text, make sure to follow the example provided;

4. Choose the separator you used and click ‘Continue to step 2’;

5. Configure the imported contacts;

1. Add contacts to group: In case you’d like to add the imported contacts to a specific contact group, you can choose it here.

2. Values: Select the correct values, corresponding to the information seen below it.

3. Import contacts: Click this contact to import the contacts.

You’ve now successfully imported contacts to your Trengo contact list.