To export data from the latest version of Reporting, you will need to check the Ticket Details page. Learn how to do this here.

Exporting data into a CSV file is a great way to run your own metrics on the data from Trengo. Exporting analytics will result in a datasheet of the requested information. Data is always shown per conversation, which gives you the opportunity to build your own graphs and views.

Export reports

Navigate to Reports > Export, where you’ll find the dashboard as seen below.

1. Filter/Timeframe: Apply filters to produce the report you are looking for. You are able to filter between different (sets of) channels, users, labels, and CSATs. You can also select your timeframe here. You can use standard filters (e.g. ‘Today’, ‘Last month’, or ‘This year’), or set up your own custom timeframe.

2. Add field: Add the fields you’d like to include in your export. You can choose from a variety of fields, including ‘Ticket number’, ‘Created at’, ‘Channel name’, and much more.

3. Categories: Here you’ll find your selected fields. Click ‘Remove’ to delete a field.

4. Clear fields: Click this button to clear all selected fields.

5. Start export: Start your export by clicking this button. Your export will be downloaded as a CSV file.