Enabling mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA) allows you to ensure a higher level of security throughout your organisation, by making sure that all users in your Trengo account have set up 2FA.

ℹ️ Do note you need to have the Administrator role to enable mandatory 2FA.

Enabling mandatory 2FA

Follow the steps below to enable mandatory 2FA for all users in your account.

1. Navigate to Settings > Company profile > Account settings;

2. Enable ‘Require two-factor authentication for everyone in your organisation’, and click ‘Save’;

3. Users without 2FA enabled will receive an email and notification, requesting them to enable 2FA within 14 days to prevent being logged out.

ℹ️ Any new users joining your account will be required to set up their 2FA when setting up their accounts.

ℹ️ You can see who already has 2FA set up by going to Settings > Organisation > Users and looking for the label ‘2FA’.