In order to start the migration of a phone number from a Business Solution Provider (BSP) to Trengo as your BSP, disabling the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is one of the requirements.

Disabling two-factor authentication

Below you'll find the steps to disable the 2FA for your WhatsApp number in Meta.

1. Head to your Meta Business Suite, log in using your credentials, and click the ‘Business Settings’ icon at the left bottom of your screen;

2. From there, you go to Accounts > WhatsApp Accounts;

3. Select your WhatsApp account and click ‘Settings’;

4. Click ‘WhatsApp Manager’ in the ‘Settings’ tab;

5. A new window will open, displaying your WhatsApp account(s). Select the phone number for which you want to turn off the 2FA;

6. You’ll find all the phone numbers connected to the WhatsApp Account you’ve selected. Click the ‘Settings’ icon for the number you’d like to turn off the 2FA for;

7. On the new page that shows up, select ‘Two-step verification';

8. In case your 2FA is enabled, click ‘Turn off two-step verification’. A confirmation email will be sent to the administrator of the account. Make sure to confirm the action and the 2FA will be disabled;

After finishing this procedure, you are ready to start the migration of this number to Trengo as your official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. When the migration is completed, you can enable your 2FA again.