Within Trengo, every user has the option to set themselves as 'available for calls’ or 'not available for calls’. You can set your call availability to be (un)available for your customers to reach out to you via your Voice channel, and to (not) receive phone call notifications.

Setting your phone call availability

You can set yourself as (un)available for calls in two ways.

🔘 Via your profile: Click your profile picture in the left bottom corner and select the toggle reading ‘Unavailable for calls’.

🔘 Via your phone settings: Click the phone icon in the left bottom corner, select the gear icon and select the toggle reading ‘Unavailable for calls’.

Your team’s availability

In Trengo, you can find the availability status of a colleague represented by a (green or red) ‘phone’ icon, next to their profile picture in the right sidebar.

ℹ️ You’re able to check your team’s availability for phone calls in the ‘Availability’ section in Trengo’s reporting feature.