The Agent Performance report is your tool for evaluating and improving your team's performance. It provides you with a detailed look at how your agents are handling their responsibilities, ensuring you can make informed decisions and optimise your support operations. To explore each metric in more detail and learn how to leverage them effectively, please use the deep dive pages linked within the report.

Time Frame Selection

You can choose the desired time frame for evaluating your agents' performance. This flexibility allows you to zoom in on specific periods to gain more targeted insights.

Key Metrics

The Agent Performance report presents various metrics for each agent:

1. First Resolution Time

This metric tracks the time from ticket creation until the first resolution. It is displayed as an average of all the agent's tickets.

2. Total Resolution Time

“Total Resolution Time” measures the duration from ticket creation until the last and current resolution time. The metric is shown as an average of all the agent's tickets. It provides a full overview, even in cases where tickets are reopened.

3. First Response Time

“First Response Time” represents the average time an agent takes to respond publicly to a ticket. The metric is calculated from the ticket's creation until the agent's first public reply. Agent-created tickets are not included in the first response time average.

4. Assigned Tickets

The “Assigned Tickets” metric indicates the number of tickets assigned to the agent during the selected period.

5. Messages Sent

“Messages Sent” shows the number of messages sent publicly by the agent within the selected time frame. These messages do not necessarily need to be on tickets assigned to the agent themselves.

6. Closed Conversations

“Closed Conversations” denotes the number of conversations resolved by the agent during the specified time period.

7. Internal Comments

“Internal Comments” measures the number of comments left by the agent on conversations, providing insights into their collaboration and communication.

Filters for Custom Insights

The Agent Performance report offers filters for custom insights:

  • Teams: This filter allows you to focus on tickets assigned to a specific team and gain team-specific insights into workload. Agents not on the selected team won't be excluded; the focus will be on tickets associated with that team.
  • Channels: Isolate tickets associated with a particular channel, making it ideal for reviewing individual channel workloads.
  • Labels: View tickets with applied labels in order to manage and prioritise specific types of tickets.
  • Business Hours: This filter enables you to toggle the “Resolution” and “First Response Time” metrics to count within business hours or regardless of business hours. Including business hours stops the count at the end of a business hour and restarts when business hours resume. Excluding business hours looks at a 24/7 time frame.