After adding a website widget to your website, you’re able to add different languages to it. In this way, your customers from over the world can easily navigate through your website widget.

ℹ️ The website widget language shown is based on your visitor's browser language.

Languages in your website widget

Follow the steps below to add a language to your website widget.

1. Navigate to Settings > Settings > Web widgets;

2. Select the widget to which you’d like to add a language and click ‘Translations’;

3. Add or edit your translation;

1. Languages: Add or delete languages here.

2. Default language: The language that will be displayed when the browser language of your customer is not available in your catalog of languages.

3. Translations (1): Choose which language you’d like to see the translations for. The translations for the English and Dutch language are provided standardly.

4. Translations (2): The actual text that is shown within your website widget for the language you selected. You’re always able to edit these.

After clicking ‘Update widget’, you’ve now added or edited your language and the result will be reflected instantly in your website widget.