You can use auto replies to let your customers know you’ve received their email, you’re out of office, or you’ll respond later due to a high workload. Be aware that auto replies for email are sent inside and outside your business hours.

ℹ️ Once an auto reply has been sent, this feature will be muted for 30 minutes. This means that if a customer sends two emails within 30 minutes, they will only receive an auto reply on the first email.

Create an auto reply

Follow the steps below to create an auto reply for your email channel in Trengo.

1. Navigate to Settings > Channels > Email > Your email channel;

2. Go to the ‘Email settings’ tab;

3. Scroll down and enable ‘Auto replies’;

4. Add the sender name that will be displayed as the sender of the auto reply;

5. Type your auto reply;

6. Add tags to your auto reply, to personalize the email for the customer;

7. Save your changes.