Adding a help center to your website widget

By adding your help center to your website widget, you're allowing your site visitors to quickly find the answers they are looking for, before reaching out to you. In this article, we’ll show you how to do this.

Add a help center to your website widget

You can add your Trengo help center to your website widget by following the steps below.

1. Navigate to Settings > Settings > Web widgets and select your website widget;

2. Click ‘Help center’ from the list of possible channels you can add;

3. Set up your help center;

1. Enabled: Enable your help center for the website widget here.

2. Channel: Select the help center you want to connect to your website widget.

ℹ️ In case you’re hosting your help center on a custom domain, make sure to send us an email to get your SSL certificate. Help centers without one won't appear in your widget.

Don’t forget to update your widget, by clicking ‘Update widget’.