Hosting your help center on your own domain

To host your Trengo help center on your own domain you need to create a CNAME DNS record. A CNAME record, or in full: 'Canonical Name Record', is a DNS record used to link an alias name to a real (canonical) domain name. These records are usually used to link a subdomain such as to the domain where the content is hosted.

The creation of a DNS record differs per domain. Make sure you pick a clear name and that it refers to

Once you've created your DNS record:

  1. Go to help center and select the help center you want to host on your own domain.
  2. Navigate to > settings > advanced, click on custom domain, and insert the subdomain you wish to use for your Help Center.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure to click on 'save changes'.

Tip 💡: If you're using a Help Center on a custom domain, make sure to email us to get your SSL certificate. Help Centers without one won't appear in your widget and will not be secure.