New conversation-based pricing model for WhatsApp

WhatsApp introduces a new pricing model (1 Feb) for sending out WhatsApp templates. This conversation-based pricing model applies to all providers. So let’s get into it!

Business-initiated vs user-initiated

WhatsApp will classify (and charge) conversation based on the initiator of the conversation.

  • User-initiated: A conversation that is started in response to a customer reaching out to you.
  • Business-initiated: A conversation that initiates from you (the business) sending a message to your customer (also known as a template).

💡 Note: The 24-hour limit still applies to all WhatsApp conversations, user- or business initiated. This means that you will have a timeframe of 24 hours to respond to the last message of your customer.

The 1000 conversation limit

WhatsApp will not charge for the first 1000 conversations that are (user- or business) initiated. This counter resets itself every month. Meaning that at the start of every month the first 1000 conversations are free! The 1001st conversation will be charged according to the pricing of WhatsApp.

💡 Note: the 1000 conversations are linked to your WhatsApp Business account, not to your phone number. 

How are you charged?

Whenever the 1001st conversation of the month is initiated WhatsApp will charge you based on two factors: the initiator and the country code of the customer’s number.

  1. Initiator, whether the conversation is started by the customer or the business

  2. Country code, where the customer originates from

You can find more information about the actual cost per conversation here.