By integrating Klaviyo with Trengo, you can automate processes in Trengo, based on triggers in Klaviyo. In this series of Help Center articles, we’ll show you how to send an automated WhatsApp message based on a trigger in Klaviyo, and how to have your customers opt-in for e.g. your WhatsApp newsletter via Klaviyo.

Do note that you can do much more than that, using the Klaviyo integration. Find all of Trengo’s API calls on this Trengo for Developers page.

Set up automation in Klaviyo

By following the steps in the articles below, you’ll be able to set up an automated process in Klaviyo, with which you can send out automated messages, e.g. newsletters via WhatsApp.

1️⃣ Creating a flow in Klaviyo

2️⃣ Configuring your webhook in Klaviyo

3️⃣ Publishing your flow in Klaviyo

Set up an opt-in with Klaviyo

Follow the steps in the articles below to set up the possibility for your customers to opt-in for your automation, e.g. your WhatsApp newsletter, in Klaviyo.

1️⃣ Enabling your number for opt-in in Klaviyo

2️⃣ Setting up a rule for opt-in in Trengo

3️⃣ Confirming an opt-in in Klaviyo

In the video below, you'll find the full process of setting up an opt-in with Klaviyo explained.