By integrating Klaviyo with Trengo, you can automate processes in Trengo, based on triggers in Klaviyo. In this series of articles, we’ll show you how to have your customers opt-in (and opt-out) for e.g. your WhatsApp newsletter in Klaviyo.

After you’ve enabled your number in Klaviyo, it’s time for a rule that communicates the opt-in to Klaviyo. Below you'll find a video explaining how to set up the rule for opt-in in Trengo (from 01:59).

Setting up a rule for opt-in in Trengo

Follow the steps below to set up a rule for opt-in in Trengo. You can also use the steps below to set up your opt-out.

1. Make sure you already have an approved WhatsApp template, in which you ask your customer if they’d like to opt-in. Enable your customer to answer using buttons, or the rule you’re going to set up next will not work consistently;

2. In Trengo, navigate to Settings > Automation > Rules, and click the ‘plus’ icon, or ‘Add rule’;

3. Set up the rule as follows;

1. Name: Enter a suitable name for this rule.

2. Active: Leave this toggle enabled.

3. Channels: Select the WhatsApp Business channel on which the template you’ve created is active.

4. When: Set this to ‘Inbound message is received’.

ℹ️ You can leave ‘Sort order’ empty.

1. Conditions: Set Message body > Equals to the text of the button you’re customer would use when agreeing to receive your messages. In this case, it would be ‘Yes, I would!’, according to the template given as an example above.

2. Actions: Choose ‘Send Opt-in to Klaviyo’ and enter your site ID.

ℹ️ This site ID can be found by navigating to Klaviyo > Account > Settings > API Keys, under ‘Public API Key’.

After clicking ‘Save’, you’ve now successfully created a rule that lets customers opt-in (or opt-out) to e.g. your WhatsApp newsletter. Finally, it’s now time to check in on the customers in Klaviyo that have opted-in for your automated messages.

👈 Enabling your number for opt-in in Klaviyo

Confirming an opt-in in Klaviyo 👉