Adding voice to your website widget

By adding Voice to your website widget, you're allowing your site visitors to easily reach by phone via your website. 

To add Voice to your website widget you need: 

  1. to be an account admin
  2. an added website widget
  3. an added voice channel

To add voice to your website widget, take the following steps:

  1. Go to your navigation panel >settings >settings >website widget and select the widget you'd like to add your email to.
  2. From the list, select 'Voice'.

  3. Next, enable your channel by ticking the radio button.

  4. Select your voice channel. 
  5. Enable 'Call via browser' if you want your visitors to be able call you directly from the browser.
    💡Keep in mind that keeping 'Call via browser' enabled, charged might occur to your Trengo balance. 

Make sure to save your progress by clicking on 'Update widget'. 

Awesome. 👏🏼 Your site visitors will now be able to directly call you through your website.