Team chat is a great way to communicate with your colleagues while using Trengo. Talk with your colleagues on a personal level, or have a group conversation with the entire team. Team chat makes it all possible.

Team chat is accessible via all versions of Trengo: the mobile app, the desktop app, and the browser app.

Access team chat

To access team chat in your Trengo account, click the ‘Team chat’ icon in the left sidebar.

1. Search: Here you can search for specific colleagues or group chats.

2. Groups: Find all your groups listed, sorted by the latest message.

3. Colleagues: Here you’ll find a list of all your colleagues, with whom you can start or continue a chat conversation.

Do you want to dive a little deeper into our team chat feature? We have articles about starting a personal chat conversation, creating and managing a group conversation, your team chat availability, and video calling your colleagues.