Personal conversations in Team chat

Want to start a quick chat with your colleague about a conversation from the inbox, but a mention does not quite cover the contents? Use team chat to start a personal conversation. 

Start a personal conversation

Use the column on the right with all your colleagues' icons to start a conversation directly from the inbox: 

If you are already in team chat and search for the right colleague from there:

Features in personal conversations

When you open team chat and navigate to a conversation, the screen looks similar to this: 

  1. Conversation title
    Here you can see which conversation is currently active. It shows the name of the colleague you are having a conversation with. This conversation also has a Grey highlight in the left overview.

  2. Conversation date or timeframe
    See on which day the messages have been sent. This bar either says "today", for today's messages or the specific date in the past the messages have been sent.

  3. Messages from a colleague
    Messages sent by your colleague will always have their name on top of them, their icon on the left, and a timestamp. ­čĺíNote: Is a colleague sending multiple messages right after each other? In that case, the name, timestamp, and icon will only be shown once.

  4. Your own messages
    Your own messages will have your icon and name going with them. Same as with conversations from a colleague; when sending multiple messages right after each other, this will only be shown once.

  5. GIFs, pictures, and other attachments
    In the conversation, you will see a preview of the image, attachment, or GIF you or your colleague has been sending you.

  6. Message field
    Here you can start sending your colleague a message. You can use the following features: In every conversation, you have the following text formatting possibilities:

    • B - Bold
    • I - Cursive
    • U - Underlined
    • S - Striped
    • Bullet points
    • Numbered list
    • </> Code

      Next to that, you can use these features in your text as well:
    • Attachments
      Share files, videos, and images up to 25 MB.
    • GIFS
      Spice up your conversation with these moving images.
    • Emoji's
    • Mentions
      Use the @-button to mention someone within a group conversation, or simply type @ followed by the name of your colleague.

      You can send your message by pressing enter or use the Send icon.
  7. Video calling
    Start a quick video conference with your colleagues via Zoom to discuss subjects in a more personal matter.

  8. Three dots
    Discover all features for a team chat conversation within the "three dots". Here you can:

    1. Hide / show details
      This will toggle the right side menu in which you can see:
      1. participants of the conversation;
      2. Shared documents within the conversation;
      3. When the conversation was created
      4. Search information (see 9).
    2. Search
      Looking for a specific message or question from a colleague. The search feature on the right side of the screen helps you with that!
    3. Mute
      You can mute channels in team chat. This helps you to stay updated when you want without getting distracted by the channel's notifications.
  9. Search
    Looking for a specific message or question from a colleague. The search feature on the right side of the screen helps you with that!
  10. All conversation details
    See all the extra details from the conversation:
    1. When it started
    2. Who is participating
    3. The attachments that have been shared with this colleague.