Receive notifications of team chat messages

Choose if you want to receive notifications from new team chat messages and for which channel you do and don't want to receive notifications. In this article, we explain to you how.

First: your availability for team chat

You can set your availability for team chat, which will help you to receive or not receive notifications for team chat overall.

In team chat people can have three statuses of availability:

  1. Available for team chat:
    People who are logged in to Trengo and have set themselves to online in team chat. You will receive notifications of all conversations (group and personal) you have not muted.

  2. Unavailable for team chat
    People who are logged in to Trengo and have set themselves offline in team chat. You will not receive notifications on team chat.

  3. Offline for team chat
    People who are not logged into Trengo. You will not receive notifications on team chat.

How to set your availability

To set your availability, click on your icon in the bottom corner of Trengo, next click on the availability for team chat to change it and you're done!


💡Good to know: setting your availability will only adjust the push notifications you receive from team chat. You will still see the red dot and number for personal conversations and mentions and a grey dot for group conversations.

Mute groups or people to work more focused

Want to keep track of a group, but you don't want to receive notifications for every new message? Mute it!

To mute a channel:

  1. Click on the three dots in the corner of the conversation to open the extra features.
  2. Click on the "mute" icon in the drop-down menu.
  3. Done!

Unmuting a channel can be done by following the same steps again.

💡Note: you can mute group conversations as well as personal conversations!

💡Muting channels will mute all types of notifications for that channel. So not only will you no longer receive push notifications, but also the in dashboard red and grey dots will no longer show.