By integrating WooCommerce with Trengo, you’ll be able to directly see the order details of the customer you are communicating with in Trengo, based on their email address.

Integrate WooCommerce

Follow the steps below to integrate WooCommerce with your Trengo-account.

1. Navigate to your WooCommerce plugin in WordPress > Settings > Advanced > Create an API key;

2. Set up your API key;

1. Description: Add a description for your API key.

2. User: Select a managing user.

3. Permissions: Select ‘Read/Write’.

4. Generate API key: Click ‘Generate API key’ after adding all information above.

3. You’ve now successfully generated your Consumer key and Consumer secret. Copy and save them, as you have to use these later;

4. Go to Trengo and navigate to Settings > Settings > Apps & Integrations;

5. Select ‘Apps’ and click the ‘plus’ button;

6. Give your app a name and select ‘WooCommerce’ from the ‘App type’ dropdown;

7. Set up your app;

1. Name: The name of your app, which should already be filled in.

2. App type: This is set to ‘WooCommerce’.

3. Consumer key: Paste the ‘Consumer key’, generated in step 3.

4. Consumer secret: Paste the ‘Consumer secret’, generated in step 3.

5. Your shop URL: Add your shop URL, including ‘https://’, e.g. ‘’.

8. Click ‘Save changes’ to integrate WooCommerce with Trengo.

You’ve now successfully integrated WooCommerce with your Trengo-account, which allows you to view a customer’s order history in your Trengo-inbox, by opening a conversation and checking the right sidebar.