Connecting Shopify with your Trengo-inbox allows you to view your customer's most recent order details, giving you all the information and context you need during your conversations. Follow the steps below to integrate Shopify with your Trengo-inbox.

Integrating Shopify

1. Navigate to Shopify’s Partner dashboard and log in with your Shopify credentials;

2. Click ‘Create App’

3. Click ‘Create App Manually’

4. Type ‘Trengo’ and click ‘Create’

5. Click ‘App Setup’

6. Double click the ‘App URL’ field and ensure that you inserted in to the two fields as per the screenshot below

7. Press CMD+V and select custom distribution

8. Click ‘Select Custom Distribution’

9. Click the ‘Store Domain’ field and press CMD + V

10. Click ‘Generate Link’

11. Click ‘Copy’ and open a new tab

12. Navigate to Trengo > Settings > Settings > Apps & Integrations > Apps > 'Plus-icon', give your app a name and choose 'Shopify' for the 'App type'. Click 'Save changes' and then configure your app in Trengo:

1. Name: Add the name of your Shopify app.

2. App type: This is already set to ‘Shopify’.

3. Webshop domain: You need to add the Shopify admin url, such as trengo . myshopify . com (spaces removed, of course)

4. API key & API secret key: Add the API key (Client ID) and API secret key (Client secret), which can be found by navigating back to your Shopify Partners dashboard, and clicking ‘Overview’ and proceed to click this button

12. Click ‘Save changes’ in Trengo, and you will be redirected to Shopify;

13. Select ‘Install app’.

You’ve now successfully integrated Shopify with your Trengo-inbox.