Connecting Pipedrive with your Trengo-inbox allows you to view the contact information of your contact from Pipedrive, see added notes and engagements that belong to your contacts, and check their deals and statuses.

Integrating Pipedrive

Follow the steps below to integrate Pipedrive with your Trengo-inbox.

1. Navigate to Settings > Settings > Apps & Integrations;

2. Select ‘Apps’ and click the ‘plus’ button;

3. Give your app a name, select ‘Pipedrive’ from the ‘App type’ dropdown, and click ‘Save changes’;

4. Navigate to your inbox, select a ticket, and find the ‘Pipedrive’ app in your right sidebar. Click ‘Log in’ and log in with your Pipedrive credentials.

You’ve now successfully integrated Pipedrive with your Trengo-account, which allows you to view the additional Pipedrive information in your Trengo-inbox, by opening a conversation and checking the right sidebar.