Connecting with your Trengo-inbox allows you to get insights into customer orders placed at The integration will show information based on the e-mail address and the order number shown in the subject of the email.


Follow the steps below to integrate with your Trengo-inbox.

1. Navigate to the seller portal and log in using your credentials;

2. Click the dropdown menu in the right upper corner and select ‘Instellingen’. Then choose ‘API instellingen’;

3. Add the name, email address and phone number of your technical contact person for updates on the API connection. Save the information;

4. Click ‘Aanmaken’ under ‘Client credentials’;

5. Add a name for your API connection, e.g. ‘Trengo integration’, and click ‘Ja, voeg toe’;

6. Your API connection will now appear in the overview list of API credentials. You’ll also find the Client ID and Client secret there, which you are going to need later;

7. Open your Trengo-inbox and navigate to Settings > Settings > Integrations;

8. Select ‘Custom Integrations’ and click the ‘Add app’ button in the top right corner;

9. Give your app a name and select ‘’ from the ‘App type’ dropdown;

10. Set up your app in Trengo;

1. Name: The name of your app, which should already be filled in.

2. App type: This is set to ‘’.

3. Client ID: Add the Client ID from your connection, found in the overview list of API credentials (step 6).

4. Client secret: Add the Client secret from your connection, found in the overview list of API credentials (step 6).

Save your changes, and you’ve now successfully integrated with your Trengo-account, which allows you to view the additional order information in your Trengo-inbox, by opening a conversation and checking the right sidebar.