A great benefit of Trengo’s team chat is that it enables you to create group chats. With these, you can group your different teams together and keep track of your projects. In this article, we’ll show you how to do this.

ℹ️ You and your colleagues will be automatically added to the team chat ‘#team’ group.

Creating a group conversation

Follow the steps below to create a group conversation in Trengo’s team chat feature.

1. Navigate to ‘Team chat’ and click the ‘plus’ icon next to ‘Groups’;

2. Set up your group conversation;

1. Subject: Add the name of your group conversation.

2. Participants (1): Add users to your group conversation.

3. Participants (2): Choose which participants are ‘owners’ of the group conversation. These owners will be able to edit the conversation later. You can also delete users here.

4. Create: Click this button to create your group conversation.

After clicking ‘Create’, your colleagues can now privately communicate with other users in the group conversation.

ℹ️ To edit your group conversation, you’ll open the conversation, click the three dots, and select ‘Manage group’.