Which conversations are shown?

Maintain the overview by choosing which conversations are shown under a certain label or channel by changing the view at the top of the window. So it's clear at first glance which conversations still require attention and which have already been dealt with.

New, Assigned and All

Of course, the filter in the left-hand side of the screen can be set for showing all new, assigned or closed conversations. Here you can even choose whether only your own assigned conversations are shown. Neatly organized!

But in addition, it's also possible to filter per channel or even per team or label whether new, assigned or all conversations should be shown.

Above the conversation overview, the interface can be changed between these three options. Interested in the conversations of a specific user? Here, too, you have the option to view all or only the assigned conversations.

Answered or unanswered

Of all the conversations of yourself or of all colleagues can also be made clear which conversations still have to be answered. Choose at the top of the window whether only the unanswered or all picked up conversations are shown.