How to inform employees about an assigned conversation

If not all your communication channels are connected to Trengo, or if Trengo isn't always in the foreground, we recommend you enabling push notifications! It would be a shame if a (chat) conversation is missed! Of course it's advisable that all colleagues set up push notifications , but it's also nice that they can get a personal reminder when a conversation is assigned to them. With Trengo, that's also no problem at all!

Where can this be set up?

The email notification of an assigned conversation can be set for the entire organization. That means: either all colleagues receive such a notification or none do. That is why this setting can be found under the Company Profile (via Settings -> Company Profile). Then navigate to "Account Settings". This includes the "Assignment email notifications" function. By enabling this setting, all colleagues receive the following email at the same email address they use for logging into Trengo!

Super convenient, especially when someone only has User rights, for example. This person only sees conversations at the moment they are assigned to him/her. This way a conversation cannot be missed!