Entry Points for Google Business Messages

When signing up for Google Business Messages, there are two types of Entry Points where you can choose from. What is this Entry Point and how do you apply for it? 

An Entry Point is basically a search result for when a customer directly searches for your company name. These results will be shown as a tile in Google and, if you want this, on Google Maps.

These entry points can be either Local, or non-local.

Local entry points

Local entry points are used for organizations that have a Physical location they want to share to their customers. 

This is required when you want to use Google Business Messages via Google Maps (Maps Tactile):

And, it can also be used when the organization is found in Google itself (Placesheet):

To add Google Business Messages to a Local entry point, you just need to find and verify your location online when creating the channel in Trengo. To do this, it is important that you have Physical locations enabled, when you start creating the channel: 

When the channel has been created, you can add the actual location(s):

  1. Click on the Manage Locations from within the channel's settings:

  2. Click on "New Location" to add a new location. You can add multiple locations to your organization if you want to.

  3. Fill out this form:
    1. To find this, go to the Place ID finder via the link below the field. This will bring you to an external website with a map.

      In this map, fill out any credentials related to your Location. This will automatically trigger a dropdown menu with related results. If you see your location in the list, click on it.

    2. Default language

      The default language that is typically used to help customers that contact this location.

    3. Location entries
      Where do you want this location to show the Google Business Messages option (see above).

After this has been done, you can add the location.

💡Note: if you already have a Google My Business account and you have multiple locations. Collect all of them in a Google My Business Location Group. This way, you only need add on of the locations, in order to verify the entire group.

Non-local entry points

If you don't have a physical location, or you don't want to share your Physical location on Google, you can choose to add Google Business Messages with Non-local entry points.

If a customer searches for your organization in Google, the result "tile" looks like this:

To create a non-local entry point for your Google Business Messages channel, take the following steps:

  1. Make sure non-local conversations is activated when creating the channel:

  2. Fill out the form (all fields are required): 

    💡 Note: this information can only be given once and cannot be adjusted later!

    1. Contact WebsiteThe website from the organization, including https://. This website will be used within the Tile (see image above).
    2. Contact options
      The contact options a customer has with the organization, besides Google Business Messages, like "Twitter", "Live chat", etc. These do not necessarily have to be linked to Trengo, butt hey will be shown as contact options in Google (see image above).
    3. Domains
      It is also possible to install a Google Business Messages Widget on your website. In this field, you fill out the domain that is able to host this widget. You only need to fill out the domain. For example trengo.com
    4. Phone number
      The organization's phone number, to be displayed within the Google results.
    5. Call overflow phone number
      One or multiple phone numbers that can be used as a fallback if the Phone number from the field above cannot be reached. These will not be displayed within Google.

Make sure to Create or save the channel after filling out the necessary information for your desired Entry points.