My email was rejected

There are two main reasons why your email couldn't be sent:

  1. Due to a soft bounce reject.
    This is often related to a temporary inability to deliver an email. One of the most common examples of soft bounce rejects is a full inbox.

    Some other reasons can be: 
    1. The email was too large for the recipient's inbox; 
    2. The email server was having some issues. 

  2. Hard bounce reject. 
    Hard bounce rejects are related to a permanent inability to deliver an email. In the case of a hard bounce, always check whether the email address of the recipient is correct first.

    Examples of reasons for a hard bounce: 
    1. The recipient's email does not exist or is incorrect. 
    2. Your email has been marked as spam too often and therefore the inbox is blocking your content. 

If an email is rejected, the conversation will automatically reopen and can be seen in your "assigned to me" inbox, and a small red icon will tell you it's rejected. 

To gain more info about why your emails were rejected, you can reach out to our Product Support team via