Integrate Outlook with your Trengo inbox


By connecting Outlook to Trengo, all emails will be forwarded to your Trengo inbox, allowing your team to collaborate and work more efficiently.


To connect Outlook and Trengo you need:

  • an admin account
  • an Outlook or Office 365 account

1. Go to your >settings >channels >email.

2. Click on the green + sign to connect Outlook with your Trengo inbox.

3. Next, click on 'Add your Outlook account'.

4. Click on 'Sign in with Microsoft'. You'll be redirected to Microsoft. Insert your email address and password.

5. Give your new email channel a name.

6. Next, select the 'Type'. Choose 'team' and assign the right team to your new Outlook channel.

If you'd like to add your private inbox to your Trengo account, read this article.

7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'Create channel'.

Awesome. 🎉 You connected your Outlook to your Trengo inbox. From now on, all your Outlook emails will be redirected to your Trengo inbox.

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