Integrate Outlook with your Trengo inbox

Work more efficiently by integrating your Outlook email inbox into Trengo!

This way you can combine multiple communication channels in one inbox and work together to help your customers.

To connect Outlook and Trengo you need:

  • a Trengo admin account;
  • an Outlook or Office 365 account.

Setup the connection

  1. Navigate to settings —> channels —> email;

  2. Click on Connect Outlook account;

  3. Click on 'Sign in with Microsoft'. You'll be redirected to Microsoft. Insert your email address and password and log in to continue.

💡Tip: You need a password to set up this channel. Does the outlook email address you have not have its own password? Here you can check how to create one.

  1. After you logged in to your Outlook account, you will be redirected back to Trengo, where you can continue creating your channel!