Integrate Slack with your Trengo inbox

Connecting Slack with your Trengo inbox allows you to easily share Trengo conversations in Slack. Work together with your team in real-time or get notified once a new conversation enters your Trengo inbox.

To integrate Trengo with Slack, you need an admin account and then:

  1. Go to your navigation panel >settings >settings >apps & integrations.

  2. Click on 'Apps' and then on the green + sign.

  3. Next, name your new integration and select 'Slack' as the app-type.

  4. Click on save.

  5. To activate the integration, open a conversation, and go to the right sidebar to sign in to Slack.

    💡You don't need to be an account admin for this step.

Let's see how this would look like in real life:

Open a conversation, it's right sidebar and then Slack. To collaborate with my colleague Max on this particular conversation, I simply select his name from the dropdown menu, insert my message and click send.

Here's how your message looks like in Slack: