Keep your Metrics up to keep the Google Business messages channel alive

While being active on Google Business Messages, Google will provide you with Quality Reports, to make sure your service levels are meeting the customer's and Google's expectations.

In these quality reports, there are two metrics that are important:

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), reported as a percentage.
  • Merchant response rate (MRR): The frequency that your agent responds to new conversations with users, either through automation or live agents, reported as a percentage.

Google expects you to meet up to a CSAT score of at least 80% and an MRR score of at least 95% for your channel. If you fall below these levels, Google may reach out to you to discuss the performance. If the performance fails to meet the levels for a longer period of time, Google will unlaunch the agent.

If that's the case you can always try to relaunch the agent, however, if you have done this 1 or 2 times after getting blocked and you don't get the scores up, the agent might be banned permanently.

But no worries, we got your back with some great tips and tricks

Tips and tricks to keep the channel up

To make sure your MRR doesn't drop, make sure you always respond to the customer as soon as possible, even if you don't have an agent walking around 24/7.

You can do this by making use of one or multiple of the following features in Trengo:

  • Auto replies;
  • Rules with the action "Send message";
  • Flowbots.

This will make sure you always respond within a couple of minutes!

More information on the Metrics for Google Business Messages can be found here.