Round-robin rule

The round-robin rule allows you to automatically distribute incoming conversations equally amongst teammates. This way, your teammates don't get overwhelmed by incoming conversations and your customers still get a quick response.

How it works

The round-robin rule automatically assigns incoming conversation to the next person in line within a specific team.

Let's take a look at the following example: Team sales consist of 3 users. The first incoming conversation will be assigned to the teammate that is first in the queue, in this case, that would be Oliver. The second incoming conversation will then be assigned to Emily, who's second in line. And the 3rd conversation will be assigned to Lily, who's 3rd in line. The 4th incoming conversation will then again be assigned to Oliver.

💡Should a teammate be removed from a specific team, the round-robin rule will assign the next incoming conversation to the teammate next in line.


To set up a round-robin rule you need an admin account and then:

  1. Go to your navigation panel >settings >automation >rules.
  2. Click on the green + sign to add a rule to Trengo.
  3. Give your rule a name.
  4. Next, select the channel you'd like to apply to your rule and then select 'Inbound message is received'.

Your settings should look similar to this:

  1. Assign the conditions for your rule.

  1. Assign the round-robin action and select the right team.

Make sure to save your changes. Congratulations, your round-robin rule is up and running. All incoming conversations will automatically be assigned to the next person within a team.