Integrate Shopify with your Trengo inbox

Connecting Shopify with your Trengo inbox allows you to:

  • View your customer order details directly in your Trengo inbox, giving you all the information and context you need during your conversations.

To integrate Trengo with Shopify you need an admin account then:

  1. Go to your Shopify account and navigate to Apps and select 'Manage private apps'.
  1. Click on 'Enable private app development' and then on 'Create private app'.

  2. Fill out the App details:

  1. Now configure the Admin API by giving the read access to all options and click on 'Save' to create the app.
  1. The following pop-up will appear. Click on 'Create app'.
  1. Your Shopify API key has been created. Click on 'Show' to display your password and copy both your API key and your password.

  2. Next,  go to your Trengo account >Navigation panel >Settings >Settings >App & Integrations.

  3. Click on 'Apps' and then on the green + sign to connect a new app to your Trengo inbox.

  4. Name your new integration and select 'Shopify' as the app-type.

  5. Insert your shop's admin domain and paste your API Key and API Password:

  1. Last step: click on 'save changes' and you're good to go. To view the additional information in your Trengo inbox, simply open a conversation and it's right sidebar. 💪🏼