Connecting your Gsuite domain to Trengo

Do not all employees in the organization work in Trengo, but do they also use Gsuite ? Link Trengo to Gsuite to maintain an overview and work as a team.  

Note: this only works for Gsuite addresses not for personal Gmail addresses. 

How does it work?

By connecting Trengo to Gsuite / Gmail, all emails from the connected email address are forwarded to Trengo, where colleagues can assign these messages to answer them.

In G Suite / Gmail, every message that arrives in Trengo will be labeled. A message that is in "New" will be labeled "Trengo New". If the message is picked up in Trengo, then this label is changed to "Trengo assigned" and if a message is closed in Trengo, colleagues will see this in Gmail / G Suite thanks to the "Trengo closed" label. This way everyone immediately knows whether a message is being answered or not.

How can it be set?

In Gsuite

First of all, an administrator in Gsuite has to take the following steps in Gsuite: 

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console and make sure to use an administrator account.
  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Security > API controls/permissions (click `App access control` if your are not being redirected to the App access control page
  3. From the main App access control page, select Manage Third-Party App Access.
  4. Click Add app and select "OAuth App Name Or Client ID"
  5. Search for "".
  6. Select Trengo and click "Add".
  7. Done. All users from within the domain may now connect their Gsuite account to Trengo.

In Trengo

Gmail is linked to Trengo by following these steps: 

Navigate to Settings -> E-mail and create a new channel (Add Email).

  • Choose "Add your Google account"
    Good to know: our connection is still being verified by Google, Google will warn you about this.
  • You will be redirected to the Google login page. Log in with the e-mail address that needs to be connected to Trengo and use the corresponding password.
  • Give Trengo permission to access the Gmail email messages and labels:
  • Click on Create channel to activate the channel. 

After following these steps it is time to start answering emails.