Adding your private email to your Trengo inbox

The private inbox allows you to add your personal email address to your Trengo inbox. This way, you'll be able to respond to all incoming conversations - business and personal - via Trengo.

Your private inbox is private by default, so nobody from your organization but you will be able to access it. However, you can still collaborate with your colleagues and assign conversations to different teams, if you want to.

­čĺíNote: be aware that only admins have access to the settings. If you are not an Admin in Trengo you can check with your Admin colleague how to set this up together.

Setting it up

Setting up your private inbox works in the same way as any other email channel in Trengo.

Choose whether you wish to:

After that you can further:

Extra benefits

Did you know that you are also able to create labels, rules or a view dedicated to your personal channel?

Be aware that you still need to be an admin in order to set this up!

Simply create a label, rule, or view in the settings and add your personal channel to it. This way it belongs to your channel and can help you to work even more efficiently.