WhatsApp templates via Keyreply

Want to show initiative and approach a customer via WhatsApp? This can be done using approved templates. Make sure you are aware of WhatsApp's conditions for the approval of a template. With our business partner Keyreply you can setup a template by following these steps:

  1. In Trengo, navigate to Settings -> WhatsApp Business to edit the channel.
  2. Within the WhatsApp Business section, click on "Manage templates" underneath "Namespace".
  3. Enter the following requested information:
    A title that helps employees to easily recognize the template.
    The identifier (or template name) is used for the request of the template at WhatsApp. Make sure to look at Whatsapp's conditions for the approval of templates.
    Select to which category the template belongs (for example Transportation Update).
    In which language is the template written?
    Multiple WhatsApp Business channels? You can select the channel to which the template belongs here.
    The message that is going to be sent to the customer. Be precise in this and use variables for customer-specific data. It is not possible to adjust the template message within the conversation.
  4. Did you enter everything correctly? Click on "Save changes" to submit the template. We will forward the request to our business partner to submit it to WhatsApp for approval.
  5. As soon as the template has been approved, we will reach out to you with a Namespace. Paste this Namespace in the settings of the WhatsApp Business channel in the appropriate field.
  6. Click "Save changes".

After saving, the template is immediately activated and can be used by employees to approach the customer. Please be aware that there are additional costs associated with the use of templates. For an accurate and up to date overview see WhatsApp's conversation-based pricing.

Costs per submitted template

The first 10 submitted templates are free. Each additional submitted template costs €45 per template.