Connecting WhatsApp Business using Twilio

By following these steps it is possible to connect a Twilio WhatsApp number to Trengo:

  1. Create a Twilio account on:
  2. Navigate to the WhatsApp Console and click on the link to the request form and complete this form with all data.
    Please note: a Facebook Business ID is required for the application. Read here where the Facebook Business ID can be found.
  3. Twilio will send an email to make an appointment for a phone call to discuss the request.
  4. If the application has been approved for the organization, it is possible to get up to 5 numbers approved within WhatsApp.
    Good to know: it is only possible to buy a phone number at Twilio to use this number within their WhatsApp solution.
  5. Twilio will send a Facebook invite. So the next step is: accepting the Twilio Facebook invite.
  6. Add the WhatsApp numbers in the Twilio Console.
    The following form is displayed via the Twilio Console -> Programmable Sms -> WhatsApp -> Senders. By filling out this form, a channel is created in Twilio.
  7. After the number has been verified and assigned in Twilio, the WhatsApp channel can be further configured by setting a recognizable profile photo. Also check if the profile information with the number is still correct.
  8. If all of this is correct, a channel can be created in Trengo to connect the WhatsApp number to your inbox.
  9. Don't forget to update the Balance in Twilio with a WhatsApp credit.

Steps in Trengo

  1. Navigate to Settings -> WhatsApp Business and create a new channel via the green +.
  2. Give the channel a recognizable name (for example WhatsApp [organization name]), link the right team and choose the right settings such as the channel's choice and the relevant opening times.
  3. Next, enter the phone number that has been approved for WhatsApp in Twilio. This can be done within the settings of the channel.
    (NB: enter this number in an international format using 31 instead of +31 or 06).
  4. Select "Twilio" as the provider. 
  5. The lines "Account SID" and "Twilio Auth Token" are now displayed. Under Account SID, enter the Twilio Account SID. This is on the homepage of the Twilio Console.
  6. Copy the "Twilio Auth Token" from the Twilio Console and paste it in Trego. Here is described where this token can be found.
  7. Choose whether or not to use the SMS fallback function and if so select the SMS channel that will be used.
  8. Click on Create Channel to create the channel.

Below the settings of the channel in Trengo, under Settings, a Webhook has been created. Copy this Webhook and paste it into the Twilio channel (via Programmable SMS -> WhatsApp -> Senders) the following way:

Then save the channel to complete the link. From now on the organization can use WhatsApp via Twilio in Trengo!