Using an existing number for WhatsApp Business

If you are not yet using the WhatsApp Business API, but your number is active on the WhatsApp app, or the WhatsApp Business app, it is possible to take that number with you to Trengo. If you are using WhatsApp API via Twilio, read here how you can connect it to Trengo.  

Activate the number in Trengo

If you want to keep a WhatsApp Consumer number or WhatsApp Business number, you should keep in mind that the number must be temporarily removed in order to activate it in Trengo. You cannot receive messages during this time. We do our best to get you back online within an hour, if you do this in consultation with our customer support.

Transfer chats to Trengo

It is not possible to take existing conversations with you to Trengo. However, it is possible to transfer all telephone numbers using a CSV file. In this article you can read how you can do this.