Different labels, one team inbox! πŸ’ͺ

Even for organizations that work with multiple brands or labels, Trengo is the perfect solution for streamlining communication. By being able to work with different user roles, teams and channels, the right messages reach the right people and the overview is kept!

Every brand has its own team and channels

A tip for structuring the above is by setting up different teams for all brands. These teams can then be added to the right colleagues and channels.

TipπŸ’‘: for those who work with the same kind of channels divided over different labels, it is advisable to give the different channels a clear internal name (for example "Chat Trengo"), so when teams are linked to channels, the right people are connected to the right communication lines. Moreover, an employee who's involved with multiple labels and/or brands can see which brand or label it concerns with view.

Multiple labels can be viewed

Some employees or managers may be involved in dealing with multiple labels. This can be done by connecting these users to multiple teams. This way they see the messages from all the channels of each team to which they are assigned.